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ReMarks PDF is a PDF editor designed for educators
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ReMarks PDF Pty Limited

ReMarks PDF is a PDF editor designed for educators.
It allows them to annotate the PDF documents submitted by students. This way, they can correct them, suggest new ideas and content and point out paragraphs.

The program allows the users to load a .PDF document. They can view the document as they like, using the many tools that the program can use to do this. It also provides several functions that will enable the educators to improve their content. They will be able to add blank pages, add new pages from another .PDF, highlight any portion of the document, add pictures, draw polygons, add sounds or videos, fix notes, underline some phrases, insert hyperlinks, share online content, and many more. The educators will be able to insert stamps over the submitted documents, that will show through smilies their opinion about the material. Remarks PDF even include a list of pre-built discipline rules, grouped in the "Styles" option, that will let the educators choose one of the ready-made comments to include it in their comments.

The trial version of ReMarksPDF can be run for free for 60 days.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is very easy to use
  • It has a lot of features to improve the corrected documents


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